SE-601 Series

DC Ground-Fault Monitor

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The SE-601 is a microprocessor-based ground-fault relay for ungrounded dc systems. It provides sensitive ground-fault protection without the problems associated with nuisance tripping. Ground-fault current is sensed using an SE-GRM Series Ground-Reference Module—a resistor network that limits ground-fault current to 25 mA. The SE-601 is used on ungrounded dc systems ranging from industrial 24-Vdc control circuits to 1000-Vdc solar and transportation systems.

Features & Benefits

  • Adjustable pickup (1-20 mA)

    Ten settings provide a wide range of low-level protection

  • Adjustable time delay (50 ms-2.5 s)

    Adjustable trip delay allows quick protection or delayed response

  • Output contacts

    Form A and Form B output contacts for operation of separate annunciation and trip circuits

  • Analog output (0-5 V)

    Provides means for connecting to a meter (PGA-0500) or a control system

  • Non-volatile trip Memory

    Retains trip state when de-energized to simplify troubleshooting

  • Selectable contact operating mode

    Selectable fail-safe or non-fail-safe operating modes allow connection to shunt or undervoltage breaker coil

  • Microprocessor based

    No calibration required saves on maintenance cost

SE-601 Manual


  • IEEE Device Numbers: DC Overcurrent Relay (76G)
  • Input Voltage: See ordering information
  • Dimensions: H 75 mm (3.0”); W 55 mm (2.2”); D 115 mm (4.5”)
  • Trip Level Settings: 1-20 mA
  • Trip Time Settings: 0.05 -2.5 s
  • Output Contacts: Isolated Form A and Form B
  • Contact Operating Mode: Selectable fail-safe or non-fail-safe
  • Test Button: Local
  • Reset Button: Local and remote
  • Analog Output: 0-5 V
  • Conformally Coated: Consult factory
  • Approvals: CSA certified, UL Listed (E340889), CE (European Union), C-Tick (Australian)
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Mounting: DIN, Surface (standard) Panel (with PMA-55 or PMA-60 adapter)

Ordering Information

SE-601-OU120/240 VAC/VDC
SE-601-OD12/24 VDC
SE-601-OT48 VDC




SE-GRM Series Ground-Reference Module
Required accessory, used to connect the SE-601 DC Ground-Fault Monitor to the DC bus.

PGA-0500 Analog % Current Meter
Optional panel-mounted analog meter displays ground-fault current as a percentage of 22 mA.