1. The pricing quoted supersedes previous quotations and may be withdrawn or altered without prior notice.

2. Prices may be subject to variations in the exchange rate and metals.

3. Prices for non-listed and special items are available on request.

4. A request to cancel or vary an order by the purchaser must be received by Fuseco in writing and its acceptance is subject to the discretion of Fuseco.

5. Settlement terms for account holders are thirty (30) days from end of trading month, unless otherwise agreed.  Non account holders are strictly C.O.D.

6. The minimum order value accepted for account holders is $20.00 excluding GST and freight charges.  Non account holders minimum order value accepted is $50.00 excluding GST and freight charges.

7. Fuseco accepts payments via Visa & MasterCard. Credit card payments above $1,000.00 will incur a 1.5% surcharge.

8. A request for credit or to return goods must be received by Fuseco in writing and its acceptance is subject to the discretion of Fuseco unless the goods have been wrongly or oversupplied.  Returned goods shall be delivered to Fuseco, at the customer's expense, unused and in good working order and must be accompanied by an official Fuseco GRA (Goods Return Authority).  A 20% restocking fee will apply, or a $20.00 minimum charge, whichever is greater, except where goods have been wrongly or oversupplied.

9. Fuseco shall only accept claims for shortages in delivery if Fuseco is notified in writing within seven (7) days of receipt of goods.

10. Goods that are made to order or not normally stocked are considered indent items. Indent items cannot be cancelled once ordered, and can only be credited if the goods are considered faulty, not to specification or otherwise not in accordance with the terms of the contract.

11. To the extent permitted by Law, the products hereby sold are guaranteed against faulty design or workmanship in the context of the execution of their design function.  The express warranties hereby stated are in lieu of all other representations, warranties or conditions, express or implied, including but not limited to implied warranties or conditions of merchantable quality and fitness for a particular purpose, and those arising by statute or otherwise in law or from a course of dealing or use of trade.

12. This warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of defective items only.  In no event shall Fuseco be liable for any special, indirect or consequential loss or damage of any kind whatsoever or however arising, including any claim for loss of profits, whether claimed under contract, tort or any other legal theory, even if Fuseco has been advised of the possibility of any such damages arising.

13. Fuseco shall at all times retain ownership of, and title in, products supplied pursuant to this order until those products have been paid for in full.


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Fuseco's Office and Primary Warehouse are located at: 

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Postal Address: 

PO Box 1425 Moorabbin Vic 3189 Melbourne, Australia

Fuseco is open for trade, Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.00pm EST. We are closed on Australian and Victorian Public Holidays. If you need to source a fuse after working hours or on the weekend due to a breakdown situation, Fuseco can help! 

For 24 hour, 7 days a week service: Call - 0411 104 363

Michael, you asked me if I was happy with your service. Let me tell you that Fuseco had quoted and delivered the products via airfreight from Germany before our other suppliers returned our call. Outstanding!

Peter Stremski


It’s been a pleasure working with Fuseco on this project. Initially, we thought that the power quality issues on this job were insurmountable. Fuseco conducted a power quality site audit and consulted with us to find a suitable solution that would work reliably in this challenging environment. The reactors and harmonic filters specified & supplied by Fuseco have been the perfect solution.

Peter Carney


Just wanted to say thank you again to the Fuseco team. When presented with an electrical harmonics problem of this nature, I wasn’t sure how to approach it. You guys explained it in logical, scientific terms and expertly demonstrated the capability of your technology. It is now one month post-installation and I can say that the Active Filter is working well and the harmonics levels on this site are now negligible.

John Ulverstone


I would like to acknowledge the exceptional service provided by one of your employees over the Xmas break. On Christmas day we lost a 22kV underground feed to a very important part of our business and were desperate for some replacement HV fuses. I found your emergency contact details on the web a and immediately called. The person who answered was very helpful and arranged an emergency transport to our site. The next day, we were back up and running! We are a remote operation 1800kms from the nearest city and average service is the norm.

Gregory Blair


Thanks for ensuring that our order was delivered on time. Again, thank you for going the extra 8,000 km!

Don Hajdu


I just wanted to let you know what great service your people gave us over the Christmas break and went to great lengths to make sure that we got the right fuses and that they were delivered on time. Dealing with your company a pleasure. Keep up the good work.

Kerry Prasad


I don’t normally do this but I feel compelled to thank you in writing. I have been in the electrical industry for 25 years and without a doubt the most competent and trustworthy supplier I have used over this period of time is Fuseco. This is a demanding industry and how your team keeps performing above expectations is exceptional to me.

Ross Adam


I have dealt with Fuseco for the last 6 years for all our fuse requirements and find they provide the highest quality service and on-going support to our business for our day to day operations and for emergency/ heatwave as they arise. During a heatwave event in January 2014, SA Power Networks had critical fuse demands. Fuseco were extremely responsive in expediting stock requirements and organising special air freights to meet our urgent demands. Their customer service is excellent and key KPI’s measured against the contract are always above target.

Peter Ashenden


Any company that can pull a rabbit out of a hat like that definitely has my attention!

Dane Branham


From the moment the AHF and SVG units were turned on our power factor issues were a thing of the past. At both sites our PF is now 0.99 on all phases all the time, the units react instantaneously to our fluctuating load and power factor and the result has been an excellent return on investment.

Brad Kilner


The PFC units are now installed and running. They are doing a great job at maintaining a constant PF of 0.99 across all phases. Great product and excellent support from both of you. Very pleased doing business with you. Your help has been much appreciated.

Darren Brownscombe


We have a Frankonia SAC3Plus EMC chamber that we use for commercial testing. We have some height limitations in our laboratory and its dome shaped design fits very conveniently. We are happy with the performance of the chamber and their absorber design is great. No carbon dust and falling of foam absorbers. Previously we had carbon foam-based absorbers and we literally had to wear a safety hat before entering the chamber.

Terry Stones


Thank you for helping our team select the correct product to facilitate testing to the various required standards. Our lab is now equipped with a range of Teseq, IFI and Milmega products and the entire solution fulfils our testing requirements. We really appreciate your technical advice & support.

Scott Emerson


The Teseq GTEM is a great testing tool to have. We are now performing all pre-compliance testing in-house and saving lots of money which we were spending earlier with test labs. It has given us significant more testing capability and flexibility. Thank you for your help.

Sue Benton


Aside from receiving information when we need to upgrade or purchase an item of test equipment, what we really need from an equipment partner is advice based on industry experience. Thank you for the many hours spent talking to us and answering our questions. This level of customer care is rare in this industry.

Janet Boyle


Upgrading to the Asterion power supply system has given us significant more testing capability and flexibility. It has been a wise investment. Thank you for your advice and support.

Margaret Smith


Buying the MX45 California Instruments power source has given us enhanced testing capabilities. We have the SNK option, which is a bidirectional sink option. We are now able to simulate all grid conditions in our lab environment up to 45kVA. For me, reliability is important and I’m happy to say that we have been using this device for many years without any issues.

Keith Boydell


We have several Sorensen power supplies in our lab and they are the lowest output noise power supply we have experienced. For any critical research project where output noise and line/load regulations are important, we use only Sorensen power supplies.

Annette Eskdale


Since switching to Fuseco as our supplier of Schaffner RFI/EMC filters, our experience has been very positive. My expectations are that we will receive exactly what we ordered, on time every time without exception. Fuseco's service gives me peace of mind.

Naomi Peterson


After extensive quality testing, we chose the Schaffner RFI filters as the best solution for our compliance requirements. Fuseco provides industry leading consistency of supply and great response & flexibility to changes in our delivery schedule. The Fuseco team are a pleasure to deal with.

Janet Sanders


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