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Fuseco Now Supply EV Chargers!

Fuseco is proud to be contributing to changing energy management demands by offering a range of class-leading EV chargers from Sinexcel.

Introducing Continuum ChargeGuard UPS Range

The Continuum ChargeGuard series is an online double-conversion UPS that provides best-in-class performance for 10-200kVA applications, featuring compact size, high power density, class-leading efficiency and flexible configurations to ensure that you have a reliable option for all of your requirements.

Introducing Continuum ChargeMaster UPS Range

We are excited to introduce one of the latest additions to the Fuseco range – the Continuum ChargeMaster UPS series.

Introducing Continuum UPS

We are excited to introduce the latest addition to the Fuseco range – Continuum Uninterruptible Power Supplies!

The Oscilloscope Insider: Stay Ahead with the Latest Technology

An oscilloscope is a versatile electronic instrument used in various fields such as engineering, electronics, telecommunications and research. It is commonly referred to as a "scope" and serves as a powerful tool for visualising and analysing electrical waveforms.

Our Test Chamber range just got bigger!

Fuseco is proud to announce that we have started a partnership with the company Haida International.

The Groundbreaking Sinexcel SiC Powered Active Filter

Sinexcel has once again made major technology innovations in circuit design and control algorithms, which has lead directly to improved performance and significant project capital and operational cost savings.

Schaffner’s new Sinewave Filter!

Schaffner’s FN5040/45 series sinewave filters have been the world standard for many years & for good reason. We are proud to announce the arrival of the new generation FN5420 series which takes those strengths and adds a new dimension of performance benefits.

The Upcoming Annual Arc-Flash Electrical Safety Conference

Join FUSECO at the upcoming 7th Annual Arc-Flash Electrical Safety conference, taking place on the 17th - 19th May at Hilton, Brisbane.

Introducing FuseMaster RS Fuse Holders

We are excited to introduce the latest addition to the Fuseco range – FuseMaster RS Holders!

Arc-Flash Relays: In Stock at Fuseco

Fuseco are proud to have stock available of the Littelfuse Arc-Flash Relays – order today and ensure the safety of your workplace.

We Have Moved!

Fuseco is expanding and our Melbourne office & warehouse has relocated.