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Worksafe Victoria Head Office

The new headquarters for Worksafe Victoria has been constructed in the port city of Geelong, located on the Barwon River and Corio Bay area, approximately 75km south west of Melbourne. Daikin Australia supplied the chillers and consulted with Fuseco Power Solutions to reduce the harmonics to meet the Australian Standards for Voltage Distortion at the point of common coupling as per AS/NZS 61000.3.6

Product: Active Harmonic Filters

Wallumbilla Gas Hub

Located in remote central Queensland, the Wallumbilla Gas Hub is a major part of the Australian natural gas infrastructure network. The function of this facility is to compress the natural gas that is extracted from the ground in that area and pipe it to Brisbane and Rockhampton.

Product: Active Harmonic Filters

Moxey Dairy

Located near Gooloogong on the western plains of NSW, Moxey Dairy is a major dairy farm with 5000 head of cattle. Part of the ongoing upgrades to the site is the automation of the environmental systems for the cattle, including the ventilation system, which is important for the comfort of the cattle.

Product: Active Harmonic Filters

Somers Recycled Water Treatment Plant

The Somers Water Recycling Plant is one of eight such facilities operated by South East Water in Victoria, servicing the region covered by Hastings right across to the HMAS Cerberus Naval Training Base. The pump system VSD's were polluting the electrical environment with a very high harmonic content and this was creating a lot of problems within the electrical environment. A Sinexcel 200A AHF in an IP54 cabinet completely transformed the electrical system!

Product: Active Harmonic Filters

Sinexcel AHF Shine Brightly at the Olympic Games Beijing 2022

The spectacular opening & closing ceremonies of the 2022 Winter Olympics was held at China’s National Stadium. In order to create the beautiful lighting effects for these events, the power distribution system had to manage a large number of large-scale LED screens, stage lights, lifting screens, frequency converters and other non-linear loads, all which had to comply with the power quality standards. Sinexcel accepted the challenge!

Product: Active Harmonic Filters

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From the moment the AHF and SVG units were turned on our power factor issues were a thing of the past. At both sites our PF is now 0.99 on all phases all the time, the units react instantaneously to our fluctuating load and power factor and the result has been an excellent return on investment.

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