EL731 Series

AC/DC Sensitive Earth-Leakage Relay

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The EL731 is a microprocessor-based AC/DC Sensitive Earth-Leakage Relay that offers complete coverage for all frequencies from 0 to 6,000 Hz. Two CTs are required for the entire frequency range, or one CT can be used for only low- or high-frequency detection. An RTD/PTC sensor input allows over-temperature protection for a motor or drive. The EL731 offers metering, password-protected alarm and trip settings and optional network communications. It is primarily used to add low-level ground-fault protection to variable-speed drives, and to dc circuits.

Features & Benefits

  • Adjustable pickup (30-5,000 mA)

    Adjustable trip setting provides a wide range of low-level protection and system coordination

  • Frequency range (0-90 Hz, 20-6,000 Hz)

    Operate in either AC or DC mode or both. Use single or combined ranges. Separate metering

  • 32-char OLED display

    Earth-leakage metering, setup and programming

  • Local LED indication

    Visual Trip, Alarm, CT connection indication

  • CT-Loop monitoring

    Alarms when CT is not connected

  • Analog output (4-20 mA)

    Connect to DCS. Allows connection to an optional meter (PGA-0520) or control system

  • Adjustable time delay

    Adjustable trip delay for quick protection and system coordination

  • Alarm and trip settings

    Detect a deteriorating condition before damage occurs

  • Temperature-sensor input

    Drive or motor temperature protection

  • Output contacts

    3 programmable: Operate 2 alarm and 1 trip circuit

  • Network communication

    Optional connection to plant network

  • Harmonic filtering

    Eliminates nuisance tripping due to harmonic noise

  • Microprocessor based

    No required calibration saves maintenance cost

  • Universal power supply

    Provides flexibility for numerous applications

EL731 Datasheet

EL731 Manual

EL731 Profibus Manual

EL731 DeviceNet Manual

EL731 EthernetIP Interface Manual

EL731 Modbus TCP Interface Manual

AC700 CUA Manual


  • IEEE Device Numbers: AC ground fault (50G/N, 51G/N), DC ground fault (79G), PTC overtemperature (49), RTD temperature (38, 49)
  • Supply Voltage: 120/240 Vac/Vdc, 24 Vdc, 48 Vdc/24 Vac
  • Trip Level Settings: 30-5,000 mA AC and DC
  • Alarm Level Settings: 30-5,000 mA AC and DC
  • Trip Delay: 0.05-2 s
  • Output Contacts: 3 Form C (programmable)
  • Contact Operating Mode: Fail-safe & non-fail-safe
  • Reset: Front panel and remote
  • Freq. Response, CT1: 0-90 Hz
  • Freq. Response, CT2: 20-6,000, 190-6,000, 20-90, 20-3,000 Hz; selectable
  • Current Transformer: EFCT-x series
  • CT Detection: Open & short detection
  • Terminals: Plug-in, wire clamping, 24 to 12 AWG (0.2-2.5 mm2)
  • Communications: EtherNet/IP™, DeviceNet™, Profibus®, Modbus® TCP (optional)
  • Analog Output: 4-20 mA (selectable 0-5 A or 0-100% trip-level setting)
  • Conformal Coating: Standard feature
  • Dimensions: H 48 mm (1.9”); W 96 mm (3.8”); D 129 mm (5.0”)
  • Approvals: UL Listed (E340889), CSA, RCM (Australia), CE
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Mounting: Panel; Surface and DIN (with optional AC700-SMK)

Ordering Information

EL731-00-X0120/240 VAC/VDCNone
EL731-01-X0120/240 VAC/VDCDeviceNet™
EL731-02-X0120/240 VAC/VDCProfibus®
EL731-03-X0120/240 VAC/VDCEtherNet/IP™
EL731-04-X0120/240 VAC/VDCModbus® TCP
EL731-10-X048 VDC & 24 VACNone
EL731-11-X048 VDC & 24 VACDeviceNet™

EL731-12-X048 VDC & 24 VACProfibus®
EL731-13-X048 VDC & 24 VACEtherNet/IP™
EL731-14-X048 VDC & 24 VACModbus® TCP
EL731-20-X024 VDCNone
EL731-21-X024 VDCDeviceNet™
EL731-22-X024 VDCProfibus®
EL731-23-X024 VDCEtherNet/IP™
EL731-24-X024 VDCModbus® TCP



EFCT Series Earth-Fault Current Transformer
Required zero-sequence current transformer specifically designed for low level detection.

AC700-CUA Series Communication Adapter
Optional network-interface and firmware upgrade communications adapters field-install in EL731.

AC700-SMK DIN-rail & Surface-mount Adapter
EL731 plugs into adapter for back-plane mounting.