SE-134C Series

Ground-Fault Ground-Check Monitor

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The SE-134C/SE-135 is a microprocessor-based, combination ground-wire monitor and ground-fault relay for resistance-grounded or solidly grounded systems. It continuously monitors the integrity of the ground conductor to protect portable equipment from hazardous voltages caused by ground faults. The SE-134C/SE-135 is field proven in monitoring trailing cables on large mobile equipment such as drag-lines, mining shovels, shore-to-ship power cables, dock-side cranes, stackerreclaimers, submersible pumps, and portable conveyors. 

Features & Benefits

  • Adjustable pickup (0.5-12.5 A for SE-CS10) (2 - 50 A for SE-CS40)

    Unit can be used on a wide variety of trailing cable applications

  • Adjustable time delay (0.1-2.5 s) 

    Adjustable trip delay for quick protection and system coordination

  • Output contacts

    Separate annunciation of ground-fault and groundcheck faults

  • Ground-check LED indication

    Indication of open or short ground-check wire makes it easier to find faults

  • CT-loop monitoring 

    Alarms when CT is not connected

  • High-induced-ac rejection

    Makes unit suitable for applications with high voltages and long cables

  • DFT (Harmonic) filter

    Prevents false operation

  • Zener-characteristic termination assembly

    Provides reliable ground-check loop verification

  • Fail-safe circuits

    Ensures ground-check and ground-fault circuits remain safe even in the event of equipment failure

  • Conformal coating

    Additional coating protects circuit boards against harsh environment

  • XGC option

    Increases maximum cable length for ground-check monitoring (10 km typical)

SE-134C Datasheet

SE-134C Manual


  • IEEE Device Numbers: Checking or Interlocking Relay (3GC), Ground fault (50G/N, 51G/N)
  • Input Voltage: 65-265 Vac; 85-275 Vdc; 18-72 Vdc
  • Dimensions: H 213 mm (8.4"); W 99 mm (3.9"); D 132 mm (5.2");
  • Trip Level Settings: 0.5 -12.5 A for SE-CS10, 2 - 50 A for SE-CS40
  • Trip Time Settings: 0.1-2.5 s
  • Contact Operating Mode: Selectable fail-safe or non-fail-safe
  • Harmonic Filtering: Standard feature
  • Test Button: Standard feature
  • Reset Button: Standard feature
  • Output Contacts: Isolated Form A and Form B, Two Form C
  • Approvals: CSA certified, UL Listed (E340889), C-Tick (Australia)(3), CE(3)
  • Conformally Coated: Standard feature
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Mounting: Panel, Surface
  • GC Trip Resistance: 28Ω (Standard), 45Ω (XGC Option)

Ordering Information

SE-134CBlank or XGC0=120/240 VAC/VDC
1=24/48 Vdc (1)
SE-135Blank or XGC0=120/240 VAC/VDC 1=24/48 Vdc (1) (2)0=None3=Ethernet (1)

SE-CS10 SeriesRequired
SE-CS40 Series (for SE-135)Optional
SE-TA6A Series (for SE-134C)Required

SE-TA12A/SE-TA12B Combination (for SE-134C)

SE-TA12A Series (for SE-135)Required



SE-CS10 or SE-CS40 Series Ground-Fault Current Transformer
Required zero-sequence current transformer detects ground-fault current.

SE-TA6A Series, SE-TA12A Series Termination Assembly
Required termination assembly; temperature compensated.