FPU-32 Series

Feeder Protection Unit

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The FPU-32 Feeder Protection Unit provides integrated protection, metering, and data-logging functions. It is an excellent choice for retrofitting and upgrading older relays because of its compact size and ability to use existing CTs. The FPU-32 is used to protect distribution feeders in processing, manufacturing, petroleum, chemical, and wastewater treatment facilities. 

Features & Benefits

  • IEC & IEEE overcurrent protection curves

    Definite and inverse time settings for system coordination; prevents catastrophic failures

  • Two setpoint groups

    Create distinctive settings for maintenance or for two different loads

  • Reduced overcurrent mode

    Maintenance mode setting to reduce the risk of arc-flash hazards

  • Data logging

    On-board 100-event recorder and remote data logging helps with system diagnostics

  • Overload

    Thermal protection for connected load

  • Phase loss/Phase reverse (current)

    Detects unhealthy supply conditions

  • Unbalance (current)

    Prevents overheating due to unbalanced phases

  • Communications

    Remotely view measured values, event records & reset trips

FPU-32 Datasheet

FPU-32 Manual


  • Protective Functions (IEEE Device Numbers): Overload (49, 51), Definite-time overcurrent (50, 51), Phase sequence (46), Unbalance (46), Phase loss (46), Inverse-time overcurrent (50, 51), Ground fault (50G/N, 51G/N), RTD/PTC temperature (49)
  • Input Voltage: 65-265 VAC, 30 VA; 80-275 VDC, 25 W
  • Power-Up Time: 800 ms at 120 vac
  • Ride-Through Time: 100 ms minimum
  • 24-Vdc Source: 400 mA maximum
  • AC Measurements: True RMS and DFT, Peak 32 samples/cycle and positive and negative sequence of fundamental
  • Frequency: 50, 60 Hz
  • Output Contacts: Three Form C
  • Approvals: CSA certified, CE, C-Tick (Australian), UL Recognized
  • Communications: TIA-232 (standard); TIA-485, DeviceNet™, Ethernet (optional)
  • Analog Output: 4-20 mA, programmable
  • Conformally Coated: Standard feature
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • Mounting Control Unit: Panel (standard) Surface (with MPU-32-SMK converter kit)
  • Mounting Current Input Module: DIN, Surface

Ordering Information

FPU-32-01-00TIA-232 & RS-485
FPU-32-02-00TIA-232 & DeviceNet™
FPU-32-04-00TIA-232 & Ethernet
Phase CTsRecommended
Ground-Fault CTOptional

NOTE: One of the following is required: MPU-CIM-00-00 Current Input Module, or MPU-CTI-RT-00 Current Input Module with ring-tonque terminals.



Phase Current Transformers
Phase CTs are required to detect phase currents.

Ground-Fault Transformer
Zero-sequence current transformer detects ground-fault current. Available with 5-A and 30-A primary ratings for low-level pickup.

Featured Case Study

Smart Relay Creates Safety & Efficiency Boom

A large oil & gas exploration company made what is expected to be one of the biggest oil and gas discoveries of the decade in the Permian region’s western part of Texas. The company began evaluating several brands of protection relays to protect their investments in pumps and motors, optimise productivity, and improve safety. After the company’s engineers tried the Littelfuse Bluetooth® Overload Relay MP8000, the search was over.

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Top FAQs

The MP8000 has a wide voltage and current range and operates on 50/60 Hz to protect any motor or pump.

It can also be used to retrofit older current-only based electronic overloads.

It can operate between 90-690VAC and 0.5-1,000A.

Traditional relays require the user to open the electrical cabinets (where relays are typically installed) panel door to use the relay, whether it’s to modify the settings, or to review the cause of a trip event. 

Opening the panel door exposes the worker to shock hazards. Bluetooth, however, enables remote access to these settings, metering and data log information which prevents personnel from unnecessarily having to open the door, thus less exposure to risks.

  • Overload (Overpower) (49)
  • Underload (Underpower) (37P)
  • Overcurrent (51)/Jam
  • Undercurrent (37)
  • Current Unbalance/Phase Loss (46)
  • Phase Reversal (47)
  • Overvoltage (59)
  • Undervoltage (27)
  • Voltage Unbalance (47)
  • Rapid Cycling/Jog
  • Contactor Failure
  • Zero-Sequence Ground Fault (50Ns)
  • PTC Motor Overtemperature (49)

The MP8000 can be used in both single phase and 3 phase applications.

Yes, the MP8000 can be put into current-only mode which will disable voltage-based protection functions. However, Littelfuse strongly recommends utilizing the voltage-based protection functions for superior protection especially prior to motor startup.

The current-only mode is intended for retrofit applications on voltages above 690 VAC.

The MP8000 can be surface or panel mounted, or installed on a DIN rail.

No, the MP8000 uses Bluetooth to connect to your smart phone or tablet via the Littelfuse app, This enhances the users safety as it allows remote access.

Yes, you can access the information remotely through the Littelfuse MP8000 PC software or through other software programs communicating with the MP8000 through the Ethernet interface. Contact Fuseco for information on how to download this software.

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Hi Tim, just wanted to thank you and the Fuseco team for your help. You've managed to help us solve some nagging issues here and the Littelfuse SE-330AU relay installation has saved us a lot of time. Thanks!

Mark Sherman

PGS Silver, Queensland

Just wanted to send a note of thanks to you guys. When it comes to relays, your advice & service is high level & appreciated. Cheers.

Jesse Marshall

Newcrest WA

The Littelfuse SE-701 & the CT's are functioning well. Thanks guys, really appreciate your help. Good to work with people you can rely on.

Cliff Peligro

Alpha Coal, Queensland

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