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  • VFD display
  • Achieve max. voltage/current within rated power
  • High resolution of 1mV, 1mA
  • Low noise and ripple, comparable with linear power supply
  • Some models equipped with DIN40839 and ISO-16750-2 standard waveforms
  • Compact, high density, rack mount size
  • Built-in USB/RS232/RS485/GPIB communication interface
  • Master-Slave mode for parallel and series operation
  • With standard SCPI communication protocol
  • Remote sensing function
  • Intelligent cooling fan to save energy and reduce noise
  • List mode

IT6500 series is a flexible range single output high power supply. With wide power ranges from 800W to 6KW, currents from 30A to 240A.Standard RS232, USB, GPIB, RS485 and LAN interfaces included on the rear panel provide flexibility for remote operation of the power supply. Its compact 1U (1200W) to 4U (6KW) size form factor makes it ideal for use in a standard 19-inch rack.IT6500 series is specially designed for automobile electronic industry. It provides built-in DIN40839 and ISO16750-2 waveforms to test the anti-jamming performance of products, such as DVD and sound equipment. 

IT6500 series power supply has applied Auto-range technology combination of the rated voltage and current up to the maximum output power of 1200W.For example, the max current output at 20V is 60A.  

Integrated voltage sequence according to DIN 40839 
Some models of IT6500 series integrate voltage (12V/24V) sequence according to DIN40839 It can simulate the start waveform of engine. Under List mode, user could customize the output voltage sequence base on testing demands, such as, rising/falling slop. This is a high-performance source that can be used in many fields.

Support Master-Slave Operation
Above is a schematic illustration of Master-Slave connection mode. When connect several units in parallel or series, user could specify one unit as a Master and the others as slaves. All setting operations can be directly finished through Master. And slaves only display SLAVE.
Note: Except connect all positive and negative poles in parallel or serial, user also need to connect 485 interface in parallel.

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When purchasing a power supply, the first choice to be made is linear supply or switching supply. Linear power supplies offer low ripple and noise specifications and have fast transient behavior. However they are inefficient and generate a lot of heat. They are also quite heavy. As a result most engineers prefer linear power supplies for low power applications. Using switching power supplies is a better choice for higher output power or multichannel applications. They provide higher power density. Switching power supplies are easier to control than linear supplies and cost about the same per channel.

DC output voltage slew rate is a rise or fall time. DC programmable power supplies have output filters that use large capacitors that store a lot of energy. It’s mainly the charge and discharge time of this filter, combined with the current demand of the DUT, which determine a supply’s voltage slew rate. The voltage slew rate is mostly independent of the connected EUT.

Stability is a measure of a supply’s long term output voltage or current drift. Stability is primarily specified in parts per million or ppm.

If more output current is required then paralleling power supply outputs is generally the solution. Ametek Programmable Power uses a dedicated control bus to connect its power supplies in parallel. The system configures itself automatically, identifying which unit is the master and which units are the slaves.

If more output voltage is required then connecting power supplies outputs in series is generally the solution. All you have to do is to connect the positive terminal of one supply to the negative of another. The limitation is that when operated in series, there are no master and slave units. Individual power supplies has to be programmed.

Upgrading to the Asterion power supply system has given us significant more testing capability and flexibility. It has been a wise investment. Thank you for your advice and support.

Margaret Smith


Buying the MX45 California Instruments power source has given us enhanced testing capabilities. We have the SNK option, which is a bidirectional sink option. We are now able to simulate all grid conditions in our lab environment up to 45kVA. For me, reliability is important and I’m happy to say that we have been using this device for many years without any issues.

Keith Boydell


We have several Sorensen power supplies in our lab and they are the lowest output noise power supply we have experienced. For any critical research project where output noise and line/load regulations are important, we use only Sorensen power supplies.

Annette Eskdale


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