4051-S Series

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  • Incomparable Price-Performance Ratio
  • 5 Frequency Range, Up to 26.5GHz
  • Excellent Measurement and Receiving Performance
  • Overall spectrum analysis capability
  • Practical Function Options
  • Convenient Operation Characteristics

4051-S Series Signal/Spectrum Analyzers support incomparable spectrum measurement services of high price-performance ratio. The analyzers have excellent dynamic range, phase noise, amplitude precision and measurement speed, can supply ten measurement functions in total including high-performance spectrum analysis, standard power measurement modules conforming to relevant criteria etc. Capabilities of the analyzers can be greatly augmented. Multiple practical options are available like preamplifier, phase noise measurement, random IF output and so on. 4051 Series can be widely applied in signal and instrument tests relating to fields of aerospace, communication, EMC, radar detection, navigation, etc.

Excellent Measurement and Receiving Performances

•    1GHz testing DANL is -153dBm/Hz. If configured with preamplifier, the typical value is -166dBm/Hz.

•    26.5GHz testing DANL is -141dBm/Hz,configured with preamplifier, the typical value is -160dBm/Hz.

•    All digital IF design, fine scale fidelity and IF error rate

Overall Spectrum Analysis Capabilities

•    Support frequency sweep and FFT sweep

•    Zero frequency band fast sweep, the fastest sweep time is 1μs

•    Accurate frequency counting, counting resolution can be 0.001Hz

•    Sweep points numbers can be arbitrarily selected among 101~30001

•    6 traces can be configured, with abundant marker operation functions

•    6 detector modes, 3 average types.

•    Support time gate measurement

•    Occupied bandwidth, channel power, adjacent channel power measurement functions

•    Measurement functions of power statistics, burst power, harmonic distortion, TOI, spurious emission etc.