4041 Series

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  • Wide frequency range covering 9kHz~20GHz/26.5GHz/32GHz/44GHz; with the full-band pre-amplifier as standard
  • Low displayed average noise level: -163dBm@1Hz RBW(typical)
  • Excellent phase noise performance: -106dBc/Hz@100kHz frequency offset@1GHz carrier
  • RBW: 1Hz~10MHz
  • Extremely high sweep speed: for 1GHz span, shortest sweep time <20ms
  • Various measurement functions, such as the channel power, occupied bandwidth, adjacent channel power, audio demodulation, carrier-to-noise ratio, and emission mask
  • Abundant test function mode options: interference analysis (spectrogram plot, RSSI), analog AM/FM/PM analyzer, channel scanner, and high-precision power meter, etc.
  • Easy to operate, equipped with 12.1-inch high brightness LCD screen featuring large font display and loose button layout, and supporting the capacitive touch screen operation and touch screen cursor dragging.

The 4041 spectrum analyzer is adopted with the compact portable box structure, which has advantages of small size, light weight, low power consumption and convenient carrying. The broadband millimeter-wave receiver miniaturization integrated design technology, whole phase locking technology based on the broadband VCO, full digital intermediate frequency design technology, and microwave composite multilayer circuit board design technology are adopted for this product, thus realizing high performance indicators and ensuring the economical efficiency of the product.

The 4041 spectrum analyzer series currently consists of four types of products. The frequency measurement range covers 9kHz~20GHz, 9kHz~26.5GHz, 9kHz~32GHz and 9kHz~44GHz respectively. The full spectrum of the product is equipped with a preamplifier, so that it has very high receiving sensitivity at any frequency point. In addition, with the 12.1-inch high brightness LCD and integrated design of capacitive touch screen, large button and virtual button combination design, its operation convenience is improved. For its performance indicators, it has excellent average noise level and phase noise indicator as well as the high scanning speed. 

For its measurement function, it has the option modes including the interference analyzer channel scanner, AM/FM/PM analyzer, and power meter, as well as a variety of measurement functions including the channel power, occupied bandwidth, adjacent channel power, audio demodulation, emission mask and carrier-to-noise ratio. This product can be used for the test and maintenance of the aviation, spaceflight, wireless communications and radar signals and devices, and it can also be used for the research, development and production of electronic products and the teaching experiment of scientific research institutes.

High Receiving Sensitivity

The miniaturization integrated design technology of microwave & millimeter-wave frequency conversion modules and the use of the low noise preamplifier in the whole frequency band reduce the noise level and improve the receiving sensitivity.

Comprehensive Spectrum Measurement Functions

It has functions including the signal tracking, peak tracking and signal search.

It can provide 12 cursors, and it has both normal mode and differential mode for option, and supports the noise marker and frequency count functions.

The transmitter power kit has the one-button measurement functions, including the channel power, occupied bandwidth, adjacent channel power, carrier-to-noise ratio, emission mask, and audio demodulation.

3 display traces and 6 detection modes are available.

It supports to sweep, edit, store and call the list.