2438 Series

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  • Wide frequency range 9kHz to 500GHz
  • Abundant power sensors, CW power sensor frequency up to 500GHz

Max. dynamic range: 90dB

  • Peak power sensor frequency up to 67GHz

Max. dynamic range: 60dB

  • More than 10 kinds of measurement and analysis functions of amplitude and time domain parameters for microwave / millimeter-wave pulse modulation signals
  • Internal calibration technology
  • Flexible frequency response offset list settings, with high-power attenuator or high-power directional coupler to achieve accurate measurement of signal power
  • GPIB, LAN, USB, programmable control

2438 series microwave power meter consists of a main unit of microwave power meter and a series of microwave power sensors. In the design, broadband diode detector, digital signal processing technology and multidimensional calibration compensation technology are adopted to make the instrument have wide frequency band, wide dynamic range, high accuracy, fast measurement and analysis, sensor serialization, convenient use and so on. It is mainly used for measuring and calibrating the average power, peak power and pulse envelope power of microwave signals. It is an important measurement instrument for R&D, production, acceptance and maintenance in radar, electronic countermeasures, communications and other fields.

Multi- measurement mode

CW measurement, peak measurement, CCDF statistic measurement

CW power sensor frequency up to 500GHz

Max. dynamic range: 90dB

When the peak power sensor is connected, it becomes high-performance peak power meter. The amplitude and time domain parameters of pulse modulated signals in 50MHz ~ 67GHz band can be measured and analyzed.

In the statistic measurement mode, the instrument does not need to trigger events to measure, but continuously sampling and measuring the signals. CCDF represents the percentage of a sample point in a specific sample that is greater than or equal to a specific value in the sample. It can also be represented as 1 - CDF.

Frequency response offset for high power measurement

This function is very useful when storing high-power directional coupler or high-power attenuator for high frequency signal measurement. After starting the frequency response offset function, the power meter automatically sets the calibration factor according to the calibration form of the sensor and the frequency response offset form in the process of automatic calibration and power measurement, and corrects the measurement results to ensure the measurement accuracy.

Internal zero, fast calibration

The peak power sensor adopts internal zero calibration technology, which makes the peak power sensor automatic calibration speed very fast. In addition, it can be calibrated without leaving the measured parts, and the signal can be zeroed without interruption of the signal input.