1441 Series

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  • Portable design of cabinet, lightweight, easy to carry
  • Frequency range of 9kHz ~3GHz/6GHz
  • High power output in -127~+10dBm large dynamic range
  • Standard internal modulation signal generator and comprehensive AM, FM and pulse modulation functions
  • Step sweep and list sweep
  • Large LED TFT LCD
  • Support wide range of AC power input
  • With GPIB and LAN interfaces to enable operation under program control

1441 series signal generator is portable instrument products developed and produced by the Ceyear, provided with portable case structure and featured by small size and convenient operation; with adjustable power output in wide dynamic range; available in complete amplitude modulation (AM), frequency modulation (FM) and pulse modulation functions by coming standards with internal modulation signal generator and internal pulse generator; using Chinese and English operation interface and large LED TFT LCD.

1441 series signal generator can be used for performance test and failure point location of the receiver in the radar, electronic warfare and communication equipment for convenient test, as well as used as a local oscillator to substitute those in the equipment under test, such as transmitter and receiver, etc., indirectly test for the normality of performance and index of local oscillator signal. In the civilian market, this signal generator can be applied to the R&D, manufacturing of consumer electronic products. As an economical RF signal generator, it is very suitable for teaching and experiment in universities. The portable design of cabinet makes it very suitable for outdoor operations.

-127~+10 dBm large dynamic range of power output

This signal generator is provided with a built-in programmable step attenuator. 1441 series signal generator could output -127dBm signal of min. power level with max output power >+10dBm.

Internal modulation signal generator and comprehensive AM, FM and pulse modulation functions

1441 series signal generator is configured with internal modulation signal generator, which adopts direct digital waveform synthesis technique to generate high-quality modulated signal with 20Hz-100 kHz frequency range and 1Hz resolution and can provide complete analog signals capability, the standard internal pulse generator can meet your test requirements for high-performance pulse source.