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  • Frequency range of 10Hz-40GHz according to MIL 461 and DO-160 testing
  • Multifunctional and  easily upgradable
  • EMC testing according to EN and FCC regulations
  • Gapless real-time bandwidth of 325MHz
  • Dynamic range of 100dB
  • 64,000 times faster than conventional EMI Receivers
  • 6dB CISPR, MIL, DO bandwidth
  • 3dB bandwidths in 145 steps

The TDEMI X series EMI receivers are the latest and most advanced receivers available in the market from Gauss Instruments, Germany. It is easy and efficient in upgrading the frequency range as required depending on the applications. The frequency range of standard TDEMI X is 9kHz and an option of down gradable to 10 Hz is available. Using the leading edge analogue to digital conversion technology, it is 64,000 times faster to conventional EMI receivers. The standard configuration comes with a fully integrated spectrum analyzer. 

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