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  • Frequency range of 10Hz-1GHz, 3GHz, and 6GHz
  • An option available for full compliance of conducted emissions to 30MHz
  • An option available for MIL/DO testing
  • Compact design and +12V power supply makes it portable to use anywhere
  • 4000 times faster in your pre compliance testing
  • Gapless real-time bandwidth of 162.5MHz
  • Single frequency mode measurements

The TDEMI M series EMI receivers are a perfect solution for pre compliance measurements. The option of full compliance is also available. The +12V power supply makes this receiver so portable to use anywhere in the field as well in laboratories. The fully gapless real-time analysis of 162.5MHz makes the TDEMI M series EMI receivers unique in the EMC market for pre- compliance testing and provides a perfect tool for real-time EMC debugging during your product development and test cycles. 

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