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  • Frequency range of 9kHz-30MHz for conducted emissions measurements
  • Full compliance and automated reports to CISPR Standards
  • 4000x faster than conventional EMI Receivers
  • CISPR bandwidths 200Hz, 9kHz
  • Peak, Average, RMS and Quasi-Peak Detector
  • Spurious free Dynamic Range of about 90dB without Preselection
  • No external control software required

The TDEMI 30M is the system with smallest frequency range of 9 KHz to 30 MHz. This can be used with conducted emissions measurements compliance with CIPSR 16-2-1. It is also very useful for all pre compliance testing for product development and also as a full compliance. The unit has the broadest real time analysis bandwidth of 162.5 MHz available in the market. The unit is applicable for the standard such as MIL 461, DO-160, EN and FCC. The unit can evaluate the data automatically and provide reports according to CISPR 16-2-1, CISPR 16-2-2. 

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