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  • Frequency range of 9kHz-1GHz for conducted, disturbance power and radiated emissions measurements
  • Full compliance and automated reports to CISPR Standards
  • 4000x faster than conventional EMI Receivers
  • Overall test time for a complete scan in the  frequency range of 30MHz-1GHz takes less than
  • CISPR bandwidths 200Hz, 9kHz, 120kHz, 1MHz
  • Peak, Average, RMS and Quasi-Peak Detector
  • Spurious free Dynamic Range of about 55dB without Preselection
  • Low noise floor e.g specially for Automotive EMC Testing

The Gauss Instruments’ TDEMI 1G was the first instrument available in the market with leading technology of gapless real time measurements. This EMI receiver can be used for conducted emissions measurement, radiated emissions measurements and disturbance power measurements. By the use of ultrafast floating point ADC unit and real time signal analysis, The TEDMI system is faster by 4000 times than conventional EMI Receivers. The TDEMI measurement system uses the baseband bandwidth of 1 GHz unlike traditional superheterodyne EMI receivers that performs scans by sequential measurements at several thousand frequencies. 

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