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  • Solid state design amplifiers
  • Broadband frequency range
  • Modular design construction
  • Highly rugged construction & high reliability
  • Built in air forced cooling
  • Backlit display screen
  • Self-diagnostic function circuitry
  • Standard IEEE-488 interface & RS232 remote communications
  • Internal pre amplification
  • Local and remote gain control
  • Front or rear panel RF input/output connectors
  • RF safety interlock
  • Forward and reflected power indication on the display screen

The SMX series amplifiers from Instruments for Industry (IFI) are designed with outstanding RF performance. Their frequency range is 10 kHz - 1000 MHz and power range is 10 - 1000 Watts. The amplifiers are specially designed for all laboratory and EMC testing applications.   
IFI amplifiers are conservatively designed to operate below maximum ratings to provide long term reliability and ruggedness. They are designed with sixth generation LDMOS transistors which provide reliable brute power performance up to frequencies of 1000 MHz.   
IFI RF power amplifiers use individually shielded aluminum assemblies for the modules. This shielded modular design minimizes the EMI leakage and it is very easy to service/repair on site and increases the turn-around repair time. 

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