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  • Peak, Quasi-Peak, CISPR Average, RMS and CISPR RMS
  • Correct pulse weighting to CISPR 16-1-1 from PRF of 1Hz
  • High measurement speed and fast detection of critical frequencies (dwell time down to 2msec)
  • EMI measurement bandwidths 200Hz, 9kHz, 120kHz , 1MHz
  • High sensitivity
  • Large-signal immunity
  • Low measurement uncertainty
  • High measurement speed
  • Correction values for attenuator / amplifier cables loss, coupling networks, GTEM correction and antenna k factors
  • Overload indicator
  • Touch screen display for on-site stand-alone usage
  • Tracking generator

R3030 is a fully digital EMI Receiver for measurement of electromagnetic interference from 9kHz to 300MHz. 
Compact designed and manufactured compliant to CISPR 16-1-1 International Standard, for measurements of conducted and radiated electromagnetic interference in accordance with requirements of EMI International, European and Product standards, pre-selectors and advanced software for EMC testing. 
R3030 EMI Receiver is PC based microprocessor controlled with advanced software for EMC automation. Fitted with continuously active pre-selectors that allow excellent dynamic range and precise EMC measurements covering the frequency range from 9 kHz to 300MHz. 
This receiver is ideally suited for measurement of electromagnetic interference in accordance with the requirements of CISPR 14-1 (household appliances industry) and CISPR 15 (lighting equipment industry) standards. Further to conducted emission measurements from 9kHz to 30MHz with LISN, CISPR 14-1 standard requires radiated power emission measurements from 30MHz to 300MHz with absorbing clamp, meanwhile CISPR-15 standard requires radiated emission measurements from 30MHz to 300MHz with CDN method.



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