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  • Frequency range 10µHz to 50MHz
  • Galvanically isolated fully floating input- 500 Vpk range
  • Gain accuracy at < 1 MHz 0.01 dB
  • Phase accuracy at < 1 kHz 0.025°
  • Fully isolated generator
  • RS232,USB, LAN and GPIB
  • Impedance analyser
  • Vector Volt Meter / Phase Angle Volt Meter
  • RMS Volt Meter
  • Loop response analysis
  • Various measurement modes like FRA, PAV,POWER, LCR, RMS Voltmeter, Scope

The PSM3750 Frequency Response Analyzers from Newtons4th offers a complete solution for high frequency, high accuracy frequency response measurements. Featuring a unique 10Vrms output, 500Vpk isolated generator and 500Vpk isolated inputs the PSM3750 is an innovative step forward in frequency response measurement. 
The PSM3750 also offers market leading gain and phase accuracy (0.01dB, 0.025deg) for an isolated input frequency response analyzer. When combined with the IAI2 (Impedance Analysis Interface) the PSM3750 provides an accurate solution for LCR measurements, using a true 4 wire Kelvin technique without the need for external shunts. The IAI2 has a bandwidth up to 50MHz, with a wide measurement range this technology builds on years of expertise Newtons4th has gained in the impedance measurement field.  

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