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  • Frequency range 10 µHz to 35 MHz
  • Floating differential inputs – 10 Vpk
  • Gain accuracy at < 1 kHz  0.01 dB
  • Phase accuracy at < 1 kHz  0.01°
  • Frequency response analyser
  • Impedance analyser
  • Vector Volt Meter / Phase Angle Volt Meter
  • RMS Volt Meter
  • Loop response analysis
  • Harmonic analyser
  • Simultaneous measurement of all functions
  • Synchronised to internal or external frequency source

The PSM 1735 Frequency Response Analyzer from Newtons4th provides a wide range of measurement functions over a wide range of frequency band. The applications for this product include switched mode power supply feedback loop analysis, filter test and design, LVDT testing, sweep frequency response analysis of wound components. Incorporating a digital signal generator, two differential auto-ranging voltmeters, auto-scale frequency plots and intuitive setup stored into non-volatile memory; the PSM range brings accurate and simple to operate frequency response analysis within the grasp of many who could not previously consider an FRA. 
The N4L PSM1735 features 0.01dB gain accuracy and 0.01° phase accuracy which is truly market leading performance. When combined with the IAI (Impedance Analysis Interface) the PSM become a high accuracy 1MHz Impedance Analyzer/ LCR meter. 

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