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  • Frequency range 10µHz to 1MHz
  • Floating differential inputs – 100 Vpk
  • Gain accuracy at < 1 kHz  0.02 dB
  • Phase accuracy at < 1 kHz  0.02°
  • Frequency response analyser
  • Impedance analyser
  • Vector Volt Meter / Phase Angle Volt Meter
  • RMS Volt Meter
  • Loop response analysis
  • Harmonic analyser

PSM1700 Series Frequency Response Analyzers are a comprehensive DFT and true RMS analysis instrument for R&D and production test applications. Specifically aimed at a range  gain/phase analysis applications, amongst which include switched mode power supply feedback loop stability analysis and general frequency response analysis of filters. It has a clear, bright graphics display showing real time values or graphs or tables. It can be operated completely by remote control over RS232 or LAN as an option. 
When combined with the IAI (Impedance Analysis Interface) the PSM become a high accuracy 1MHz Impedance Analyzer/ LCR meter. It is designed to give optimum performance, speed of measurement and convenience, providing sophisticated measurement capability in a cost effective and easy to use bench top instrument. 

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