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  • Ideal for test site verification and in-situ measuring
  • Can be combined with a comb generator as Reference Radiation Source
  • Light weight and very compact

The dipole antenna DPA 4000 operates as a field strength measuring antenna in the frequency range 200 (30) to 1000 MHz. The DPA 4000 is constructed so that it can be converted easily to a Reference Radiation Source in combination with the Reference Spectrum Generator RSG 1000 or RSG 3000. It provides reference measurements between open area test sites and alternative facilities as e.g. anechoic chambers and GTEM-cells. 
It may be used for calibration of these alternative facilities as well as for quick checks of antennas and test set-ups. Further this combination can be used to measure the attenuation of absorbing material or the shielding effectiveness of screening materials. 

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