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  • Three phase models with current range up to 100A
  • Automated surge and/or burst coupling
  • IEC and ANSI coupling methods
  • High accuracy switching technology

The Teseq’s CDN 3063 is modular and easily upgradable to protect the customer’s initial investment.The CDN 3063 couples surge and burst pulses into 1-, 2- or 3-phase power mains of up to 480 V with a current range up to 32A, 63A or 100A. This range incorporate the new IEC draft standard’s provision for testing EUT’s with high power consumption.
Reduced decoupling inductances in series with the EUT power connection are specified in order to minimize series voltage losses. The draft standard defines three classes of filter inductance for the following current ranges: up to 16A, 16 to 32A, 32 to 63A and 63 to 125A. 

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