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  • Ultra-broadband immunity antenna
  • For compact chambers
  • Reduced chamber coupling
  • Up to 30% test time saved

The combination of BiLog technology with novel low frequency, folded elements (X-Wings) allows low frequency power to be efficiently projected forward without significantly affecting the high frequency elements. The CBL 6144 gives an incredible antenna factor of only 3 dB at 26 MHz together with a useable VSWR making the CBL 6144 able to deliver 10 V/m with 80% AM modulation using an amplifier power of less than 500 W (chamber dependent) at 26 MHz. The CBL 6144 has been optimised for immunity testing to IEC 61000-4-3, and uses a high impedance balun, giving a considerably improved VSWR at low frequencies over the original immunity BiLog® CBL 6121A. 
Although it is larger in size than the classic emission BiLog®, it is still smaller than any conventional alternative. The CBL 6144 can handle powers up to 600 Watts and is suitable for testing in most shielded rooms and anechoic chambers. Although primarily designed as an immunity antenna, the CBL 6144 can be used for emission testing and can be supplied with individual calibration data. 

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