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  • Immunity testing to 300 watts
  • Excellent symmetry ±1 dB (typically better than ±0.5 dB)
  • Improved high frequency gain
  • No rotational offsets

The combination of BiLog technology with novel low frequency, folded elements (X-Wings) allows low frequency power to be efficiently projected forward without significantly affecting the high frequency performance and, at the same time, reduces the chamber coupling effects. The CBL 6143 has a unique matching network which will allow powers of up to 300 Watts CW to be transmitted, making it suitable for most immunity measurements requiring fields of 10 V/m, or even greater. 
The innovative geometry of the log periodic section of the CBL 6143A has been created using advanced modelling techniques of the University of York. This shape optimizes the gain performance over conventional log periodic antennas at frequencies above 700 MHz and extends the useful operating range to 3 GHz. This improvement is invaluable in measurement systems using receiving instruments with high noise floors at high frequencies, saving preamplification which is not always desirable or practical when measuring high level signals or broadband impulsive noise. 

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