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  • Broadband immunity and emission antenna
  • Less than 100 W required above 80 MHz
  • Can also be used for emission testing
  • Low chamber coupling
  • Up to 30% saving in test time
  • Excellent symmetry

The Teseq’s CBL 6141B X-Wing® has been tuned to 80 MHz to give an immunity performance better than most conventional log periodic antennas. The unique X-Wing® is 30% smaller than the standard BiLog® element, making it ideal for compact chamber testing, especially in the vertical mode where chamber coupling effects occur with large conventional antennas. 
The CBL 6141B can handle powers up to 300 W at 80 MHz, far in excess of the power required to generate 10 V/m. For RF EMC emission and immunity testing in compact anechoic chambers. The combination of BiLog technology with novel low frequency, folded elements (X-Wing) allows low frequency power to be efficiently projected forward at 80 MHz without significantly affecting the high frequency elements. The CBL 6141B has been designed to give sufficient 30 MHz performance at a test distance of 3 metres,without the need of a pre-amplifier. 

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