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  • Ideal for compliance emission testing
  • VHF radio approval applications
  • Immunity testing to 300W CW
  • Excellent balance < 1dB
  • No rotational offsets
  • Easily transportable

The CBL 6112 operates over the unprecedented, wide range 30 MHz to 2 GHz. It effectively combines the performance of three standard EMC antennas, the Biconical, the Log Periodic and the Waveguide Horn. Considerable savings in the order of 40 - 50% can be made in expensive test time, plus the added benefit of improved repeatability and reliability by not having to laboriously disconnect and reconnect antennas during testing. 
The CBL 6112D is primarily an emission measuring antenna but can handle CW powers up to 300 watts, making it suitable for most immunity measurements requiring fi elds up to 10 V/m, or even greater. The CBL 6112D is linearly polarized and exhibits excellent balance. 

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