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  • Ideal for compliance emission testing
  • One antenna - one sweep
  • Saves up to 30% test time
  • Excellent symmetry
  • Common carrier shippable

The Teseq’s CBL 6111D is a high performance ultra wideband BiLog antenna for emission and immunity EMC testing. This is the original ‘classic’ BiLog combining two antennas in one, making savings of at least 20 - 30% on test time and reducing measurement errors due to cable and connector wear. The CBL 6111D has been accepted worldwide for emission measurements. 
The CBL 6111D, although used primarily as an emission measuring antenna, can handle CW powers up to 300 watts, making it suitable for most immunity measurements requiring fields up to 10 V/m, or even greater. The CBL 6111D is linearly polarized and exhibits excellent balance (< 1 dB) and cross polarization performance (> 20 dB). 

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