6418C Series

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  • ≤0.8m ultra-short event dead zone, easy to test optical fiber jumper;
  • 45dB large dynamic range, 256k data sampling points;
  • The most advanced technology of double color & material integrative mould, strong and firm
  • Advanced antireflection LCD, clear display interface in field;
  • Various test modes, touch screen and keypad operation;
  • Automatic detection of the communication light signal;
  • Bi-direction analysis and Macro bending analysis functions;
  • Remote control via Ethernet;
  • Two USB interfaces: can connect to the external U disk, or communicate with PC through SyncActive software
  • Support Bellcore GR196 and SR-4731 file format
  • Alarm on low voltage of the battery
  • WinCE window operation system
  • Built-in visible fault locator (VFL) and optical power meter function
  • Exchangeable optical output connector, more convenient for surface cleaning
  • On-line upgrading of application software, no need to return back to the manufacturer

6418C OTDR is a mini test instrument designed for FFTx network. It’s mainly used to measure the physical characteristics of optical fiber & cables including length, transmission loss and splice loss etc. It can also accurately detect the potions of the events (such as splices, far end and breaks) along the optical fiber line. It’s widely applied to the engineering construction, maintenance test, and urgent repairing of optical fiber communication system, as well as the R&D, manufacturing, and test of optical fiber & cables.

6418C OTDR adopts the most advanced technology of double color & material integrative mould, which makes it novel and beautiful in appearance, strong and firm in structure. With both touch screen and keypad, the operation is quite convenient. The built-in advanced antireflection LCD makes the operation interface clearly visible even in the field. The instrument has 4-path of optical interface, which can simultaneously realize the functions of optical power meter, VFL, single-mode and multi-mode test. The connector type is exchangeable, which makes it more convenient to clean the end surface of the fiber. The instrument has multiple external interfaces. It can realize not only the remote control via Ethernet interface, but also the data communication with U disk, printer and PC via two different types of USB interfaces. The test result can be saved in the instrument, or to the SD card via SD interface. With large capacity lithium battery, 6418C OTDR can continuously work over 8 hours, which is very suitable for field work.

Ultra-short event dead zone

6418C has ≤0.8m ultra-short event dead zone, which is especially suitable to test the short optical fibre line and optical fiber jumper.

High-speed curve analysis

6418C can rapidly and accurately analyze and find the event points or fault points in the testing curve, and further list all event information in the form of event table, which is very helpful for maintenance personnel, because they can well know the information of the tested line just through the event table.

PON network test function

6418C is an ideal test instrument for FTTx, with special built-in PON network test function. It can conduct high-precision test on all branches of PON network through 1:8~1:64 optical divider.

Bi-direction Analysis

6418C has di-direction analysis function. It can measure the fiber from the two ends. The measured two trace can be defined as trace 1 and trace 2. On the interface, user can choose the Bi-direction analysis function and then press the 【Analyze】 button to get the bi-direction analysis results.

Macro Bending Analysis

6418C also has macro bending analysis function. It supports to measure the fiber with the two different wavelength signals, 1310nm and 1550nm. On the interface, user can choose the bending analysis and press the 【Analyze】button to locate the bending point.