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The Mira is an intelligent AC charger designed for residential charging use. It features an attractive, compact design with a maximum output of 7kW and class-leading technology that delivers energy cost savings. The Mira is intuitive, easy to use and simple to install and maintain. Simplicity, performance, peace of mind.

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Key Features

  • Appearance

    Streamlined design with choice of silver, white or black colours.

  • LED Charging Status Indication

  • Earth Leakage Protection (Built-in RCD) 

  • Use APP to Monitor & Control

    Change charger configuration via smart-phone app. Future proof flexibility with “Sinexcel AC” Smart-Phone App providing configuration and remote software updates. Available for Android and IOS.

  • Environmentally Friendly Materials

    The enclosure is made of PC+ABS environment-friendly materials, which makes the charger scratch-resistant, corrosion-resistant.

  • Weatherproof and Impact Resistant

    Industry leading IP65 & IK09 rated allowing reliable operation in harsh conditions.

  • Multiple Charging Modes

    APP, RFID, Plug & Charge plus many more.

  • Cable or Socket Versions Available

  • 3 year Warranty (extendable)

  • Plug & Charge Mode for Optomised Charging

    The Plug & Charge mode can be set via the APP for quick and easy charging in private use.

  • RFID Card Facility 

    Start and stop charging by swiping the RFID card to prevent unauthorised use.

  • DLM System

    Compatible with DLM system, supports power distribution function & Automatic Power Off (Stops charging automatically when the EV is fully charged and protects the EV battery from overcharging).

  • Bluetooth

    Change Charger configuration via smart-phone app.

  • Extensive Safety Protection Features 

    Built-in protection from Short Circuits, Over/Under Voltages, Overcurrents, Backflow, Lightning, Earth Faults, Over/Under Frequencies & Flame/Fire.

An Electric Future, Together

Australia is committing to a future with a decarbonised grid and one of the most rapidly growing sectors is low emissions transport as the community adopts the use of electric vehicles (EV’s). Fuseco is proud to be contributing to changing energy management demands by offering a range of class-leading EV chargers from Sinexcel.

Why Sinexcel

To produce an EV Charger that has the necessary durability and reliability to be selected as the EV charger of choice for major infrastructure projects by some of the world’s prominent engineering firms, you need to have some experience. Sinexcel have been manufacturing EV chargers for over 10 years with over 21,000 EV chargers and over 400,000 EV Charger Modules sold in over 50 countries.

Easy to Monitor & Control Via the App

What is DLM?

Dynamic Load Management (DLM) is a smart energy management tool that ensures that the available power is evenly distributed to all the EVs being charged simultaneously and that charging performance does not exceed available network capacity. It considers electricity price, current time, building power consumption, EV charger power consumption, etc and defines the real-time power distribution strategy for all chargers connected, thus achieving an optimised charging process.

With DLM

  • Optimised Charging
  • Available power is managed efficiently

Without DLM

  • No adjustment according to available power
  • Mains supply is overloaded

Streamlined Design and Build Quality


Rated Power7kW
Installation OptionsWall-Mounted / Floor-Mounted
Output VoltageSingle-Phase 230V(±10%)
Output Current32A
ConnectorIEC Type 2
50Hz / 60Hz
Charging Status
Charging Mode
Plug and Charge/ RFID/ App
On-board metering (level B ±1%)
Standby Power Consumption
≤ 3.5W
Power SystemTN-CS, TN-C, TN-S, TT
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 4G (optional)
Communication Protocol
OCPP1.6 (can be upgraded to 2.0)
Operating Temperature
-30°C ~ 55°C
Working Humidity
5% - 95%
Enclosure Ratings
IP65 / IK09
Class B
< 2,000m
Earth Fault Protection
Integrated PEN fault device
RCDBuilt-in type A+DC 6mA
CE / TUV mark / TR25 / RCM / UKCA
200mm(W) x 385mm(H) x 145mm(D)

Socket version (2.35kg)

Cable version (2.5kg)

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