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MTE Reactors/Chokes



Also known as inductors, chokes & line filters, MTE RL Series reactors are used on both the input (line) side and the output (load) side of a VSD. Reactors provide a cost-effective solution to reducing harmonic distortion and are available in 3% impedance and 5% impedance options

The MTE RL Series Line/Load Reactors are high quality power quality devices with a long history of proven performance. Rugged and robust, they are unequalled in absorbing power line disturbances that can damage or shut down VSD’s and other sensitive equipment. Properly selected and installed, they give you an easy solution that reduces nuisance tripping, reduces harmonic distortion and minimises the detrimental effects of long cable run applications.

Typically used in systems with AC and DC variable speed drives.

  • Reactors provide the following benefits:
  • Extend the motor life on the output of VSD’s
  • Dampen Overshoot Peak Voltage
  • Reduce Motor Heating
  • Reduce Audible Noise
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Key features


  • Available for a full line currents (1A to 1,500A)
  • Available in the following impedance options (1.5%, 3% and 5%)
  • Robust design and construction
  • Highest continuous service factor – virtually eliminates breakdowns in the field
  • Reduces audible noise
  • Multiple cabinet design options




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