New Fuse Base with Covers from SIBA

New fuse base for the DIN000-80 (DIN 43653) semiconductor fuse range

SIBA have released a new fuse base for the DIN000-80 (DIN 43653) semiconductor fuse range that has covers to protect from accidental contact with the terminals yet still provides adequate ventilation for the safe operation of the fuse.

Enclosing semiconductor fuses has always been a challenge due to the fact that semiconductor fuses operate at high temperatures and often produce too much heat to be safely operated in a fully enclosed holder.

The downside is that operators have to live with a fuse and holder that is fully exposed to the operating environment and that has not always been desirable.

Although this fuse base is only suitable for non-micro-switch systems, it has been very well received and is rapidly becoming the first choice option for applications of this nature.

To give it even more potential SIBA have had it approved to a rated current of 400A and a rated voltage of 1000V!

The Part Number is 2118908 and is in stock at Fuseco.

Please contact us for more information or find it in our on-line catalogue.

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