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Passive Harmonic Filters now available in IP54

Passive Harmonic Filters now available in IP54

The use of Passive Harmonic filters is growing rapidly and for good reason!
In this economic environment, saving $$$$ is vital!
These devices significantly reduce load applied harmonics in 3 phase power systems.

But what does that mean for you?

  • Reduce the cost of system operation & maintenance.
  • Increase the longevity of equipment.
  • Achieve a significant reduction of energy losses.
  • Improve Power Factor & reduce cable heating.
  • Eliminate nuisance tripping of RCD's.
  • Very easy to install.....just "plug and play".

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> HG7 Passive Filter

Passive Harmonic Filters...
  • Are available in a huge range from 4kW to 710kW.
  • Limit current distortion down to less than 7% (5-6% typical).
  • Meet IEEE-519 1992 standard.
  • Available in Components Package, IP00, IP20 and now IP54!
  • Fit easily into Motor Control Centres.


Now available in IP54!

In some applications, electrical devices must be able to operate in challenging environments where they are exposed to dust, dirt, humidity and water. Ingress Protection (IP) ratings define the ability of a device to cope with the ingress of such environmental factors and hence how and where a device can be used so that it can operate with safety and longevity.

An Ingress Protection (IP) rating of 54 means that the unit is protected against dust (limited ingress - no harmful deposit) and against water sprayed from all directions (limited ingress).

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IP54 rated Passive Harmonic Filters can be used with IP54 rated variable speed drives and in environments where IP54 applications are required such as water pump stations, mines, high humidity/swamp/coastal applications, etc.

Until now, it has been very difficult to source IP54 rated devices of this nature.


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