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Fuseco Appointed Exclusive Distributor for ITECH

Fuseco Appointed Exclusive Distributor for ITECH

Fuseco Power Solutions have been appointed the new exclusive distributors for the global power electronics instruments brand ITECH.

Through constant innovation, ITECH have become a market leader in the following product & solutions categories:

  • Programmable single and multi-channel electronic loads
  • Programmable single and multi-channel power supplies
  • AC power supplies
  • Power meters
  • Battery internal resistance testers
  • Power automatic testing systems
  • Battery charge and discharge testing systems
  • Automotive wiring box testing systems
  • Burn-in testing systems

ITECH’s products are widely used in many applications, including power testing, battery testing, LED, automotive electronics, electric vehicles battery testing ,charging stations, charging generators, solar, etc.

ITECH has a presence in over 30 countries in Europe, North America and Asia. Their customers include ABB, Bosch, Intel, LG, Nokia, Siemens, Sony, Fuji, Volkswagen, Ford, General Motors, Sony Ericsson, Emerson, Delta & Foxconn.

However, it was ITECH’s practice of placing the customer at the core of all of its activities that attracted FUSECO to the brand.

“We are very proud to represent ITECH in Australia and New Zealand. Aside from the obvious product quality, the company has built their brand through customer loyalty. In our experience, achieving customer loyalty in these highly competitive market sectors comes from working hard to ensure that each and every customer is happy with the ownership experience.”

George Moraitis

FUSECO’s Managing Director (Sales & Marketing)


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