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MTE Sinewave Guardian Filters



Sinewave Filters smooth a sinewave without voltage peaks. They also provide protection for the variable speed drive and allow the use of unshielded motor cables thus resulting in lower project costs. Motor operating life is increased, longer motor cables are possible and motor noise, vibration & heat are significantly reduced.


The MTE SineWave Guardian Filter is a best-in-class filter that delivers unequalled performance in cleaning the PWM waveforms generated by Variable Speed Drives (VSDs). It virtually eliminates high frequency content and voltage peaks, thereby reducing motor heating to give you extended motor life – and less downtime.


The SineWave Guardian also offers incredible reliability and durability. It is more efficient and tolerates higher ambient temperatures, making it ideal for a variety of applications from steel mills to oil fields. Its modular design and smaller footprint make it easier to integrate and install. It all adds up to the best SineWave Filter, and the best value on the market today.


SineWave Guardian Filters transform the output of Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) to a near perfect sinusoidal waveform for the best level of motor protection. MTE’s unique, patent-pending design offers high performance with smaller size and better efficiency than traditional LC Filters.

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Key features


Increase motor life

Reduce motor heating through reduction of high frequencies associated with VSD output and also reduce motor insulation stress through reduction of motor peak voltages.

Reduce motor audible noise

Reduce audible noise through reducing high frequencies associated with VSD output.

Reduce radiated emissions

Reduce emissions through reducing high frequencies associated with VSD output.

Protect your motor cable

The reduction of high frequencies associated with VSD output eliminates the need for special motor cables.

3 year warranty (industry leading)          


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