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Power Quality



Power Quality products act as filters in electrical systems to limit harmonics and radio frequency interference (RFI). Essentially, they turn ‘dirty’ power into ‘clean’ power. Variable Speed Drives (VSD’s) are prolific creators of harmonics in electrical systems and as a result, most of the harmonic mitigation effort focuses on the input side and output side of a VSD. Depending on the specific situation, there are a variety of products that are used to mitigate harmonics.

In addition, there are many ways to reduce the effects of RFI, depending on your application. For conducted RFI, you can choose from a large range of RFI filters, chokes & pulse transformers. RFI filters are available as feedthrough components, or as PCB filters, IEC inlet filters and power entry modules, 3-phase filters, 3-phase and neutral line filters, output filters, EMC/EMI chokes and pulse transformers. For radiated RFI, you can choose from a large range of shielding products.

Fuseco’s Power Quality Consultants can assist by conducting a site analysis or simply providing advice based on the details of the particular electrical system. 

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