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About Us

Since being established in 1996, our company Fuseco Power Solutions Pty. Ltd. (Fuseco) has been synonymous with quality brands & great customer service.

What do we do?


We import and distribute specialist electrical products to the Australian & NZ markets.

Our range includes:














Our brands are carefully selected to ensure that they are held in high esteem in the industry, have international recognition and a great track record of quality, reliability and safety. The quality of the brand has an important part to play in customer peace of mind.

What makes us different?

These days everybody claims that they give great customer service but as we all too often experience, it simply isn’t true. However, ensuring that our customers are happy is our reason for existing, our passion...and we talk about it every day.

Every aspect is important to us...from listening carefully to better understand your specific needs, to ensuring delivery dates are met via meticulous attention to detail in supply chain logistics, to offering highly competitive pricing right through to after sales follow up...we focus on all of these aspects to ensure that your expectations are exceeded.

The drive for constant improvement has created many innovations along the way, from our Fuseco Guarantee to our 24/7 break-down service for fuses, and many more.


What’s our secret?

There really isn’t a secret. It’s about caring for our customers to the degree that we will do whatever it takes to achieve a great outcome for them.

To do this, we always recruit the best people in our industry for each specific role and this has a significant impact on the customer experience.

We are extremely proud of our team and the hard work that they put in every day to achieve great results. If there is a ‘secret’, it must be every member of our amazing team.


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